Ashwood History


Houston Antioch Barn was bought by John O. Venable and Jane Venable Brown, his sister, in the early 1980’s. 96 acres was split off from the original farm leaving the big white house next door with 7 acres. The farm had a tobacco barn on the land that we now call AshWood On Antioch Barn. The barn was mainly used for hanging tobacco but also served as hay and equipment storage in the off seasons. The barn was built facing east and west to best utilize the natural wind and to enhance the tobacco curing process. Therefore, the barns placement is ideal for weddings due to the continuous nice breeze through the hotter months. During the remodeling process, as much as possible, the barn was left with the original design and structure. However, the tobacco stripping room connected to the front was removed along with cattle working pens on the back side of the barn. There was also a hay storage shed on the south side that was removed leaving the original boards exposed.

Behind the barn is a developed spring that folks would visit for water a century ago leaving behind remnants of the old visible carved out path from horse drawn wagons. The farm and AshWood On Antioch Barn will be preserved as a part of the whole family farm extending to the East towards Ware Road.

AshWood On Antioch Barn location is ideal for our guests being centrally located between several counties as well as its close proximity to interstates 64 and 75. The venue was built close to the road allowing easy access when harvesting the crops. The tobacco and hay wagons did not need to travel far before unloading the crops at the barn. People enjoy the history and preservation of the structure and even say they can still smell the scent of tobacco curing in the barn bringing back childhood memories for some. The AshWood On Antioch Barn family has long term goals for the venue, continuing to remember and restore history.